Xenon Lamp Power Supply, XLS150.

The original power supply was obsolete and the company supporting the user base, in specialised printing equipment, no longer had sufficient stock to provide effective support. They asked us to help.

We designed, developed and manufactured a replacement based on the original product specification, sample product and testing within the host equipment. Our very cost effective solution employs an off the shelf unit modified to provide the constant current output required and comply with the necessary electrical and mechanical interfaces.

An infrastructure company using various electronic sign systems containing obsolete Coutant Lambda ML150 power supplies contacted us about obtaining a fit, form and function replacement to augment their present stock holding. We designed and manufactured a replacement using our own mechanical design but matching the overall size, fixing positions and connection layout of the ML150. Into this mechanical shell we fitted a number of off the shelf and in house modules to complete the electrical design.

This product is now in full use with the customer alongside original units.