What we Do

We make electronic products in low and medium volumes.

We work in a variety of market sectors, including broadcast, industrial, medical, military, satellite, defence, agriculture and transport infrastructure.

Typically, we manufacture their analytical devices, instruments, sensors, controllers and data communication products.

Our customers find it highly cost effective to outsource to a ‘one stop shop’ that has expertise, contacts and turnkey manufacturing facilities – and is willing to take responsibility for making and delivering the complete product.

Sometimes, customers just bring us their ideas – we help them to turn these into the finished article, either as a complete product (‘box build’) or, if it suits their requirements, as a sub-system build, including chassis wiring.

Mostly though, we handle everything.

Why working with QES manufacturing is good for your ROI

What provides your company with its biggest return on investment – thinking up product ideas?
Developing and selling them? … or operating a manufacturing plant?

Outsourcing to QES , allows you to focus on your core profitable activities without putting time, money or resources into what we do very well – making things.

It also improves your company’s cash flow – you leave the investment in people, space, equipment, components and expertise to us.

This simplifies your business model – your engineers and other staff can concentrate on what they are good at, without being involved in things not core to your company’s success.
Outsourcing simplifies the manufacturing process – you only have to issue an order: we will do the rest.

The value we give you

While you concentrate on what you do best, QES will take responsibility for the electronics outsourcing of all aspects of manufacturing – staff, assembly lines, chassis wiring, component sourcing, testing and delivery.

We will help you through the entire process of turning an idea into a finished and shipped product.

And by looking at the big picture at the start of a project, we use our design for manufacturing expertise to simplify processes, improve the quality of your product and reduce its cost.

We normally buy all the components too – not only does this help your cash flow, but you also benefit from our bulk buying, with savings being passed on to you.
And because we buy a lot of metal, plastics and electronic components, we have a large network of international suppliers – which enables us to find new sources quickly in the event of a supply chain failure.

There’s another aspect of component sourcing that we take care of – obsolescence. When notified of a component

going obsolete, we check its usage and will advise a suggested replacement so that together we can take the appropriate action to modify your product.

We also check all manufactured parts before they are used to ensure they meet our very high quality standards – no one wants failures in the field.

We understand your technology

With over 20 years’ experience of manufacturing electronic products, we cover a broad range of major technologies.

These include analytical devices, controls, data communications, instrumentation and sensors for the agricultural, broadcast, medical, industrial, military and transport sectors.
Our engineers all have their specialties, which enables us to allocate the appropriate people to work with you on your product – like-minded engineers talking to one another is a great way to manage a project.

Do you have a project you’d like to discuss? Please e-mail us or call 01438 749849.